Get NSX Versions

On a recent trip to one of my clients, I was asked to obtain the NSX-V version across their vCenters to ensure they were up to date. Most of the time when I have a task such as this that needs to be performed, I will write a script. I do this for multiple reasons. First, I love scripting and the automation levels it brings. Second, I am able to perform a task (while the script is running) and leave my desk or work on other items. Third, I can place the script in a central location and have other team members perform the same task when I’m not there.

The majority of my scripts are kept in my repository, but this is a fluid location. I am constantly putting my scripts up there for safe-keeping as well as to share with the vCommunity. As always, if you need something scripted that you don’t see in there, reach out to me and I’ll see if I can help.

Check out my Scripts Repository and look for Get_NSX_Version.ps1 in the VMware folder.