Datacenter Power Consumption - vROPs

Today, I was asked by my client for a way to produce a power consumption report on their ESXi Hosts by Cluster. I wasn’t sure initially if this was even possible, but after a quick search, I found a great launch point on the vRealize Operations Sample Exchange. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here, but I’m going to list out the steps I took and what my Dashboard looked like when it was completed. Download the View & Dashboard before proceeding so you can follow along.

Enable the Metrics in the Policy (Watt)
  1. Login to vROPs
    Verify that you1 have the necessary access rights to perform this task. Your vRealize Operations Manager administrator can tell you which actions you can perform.
  2. After login, click on Administration

  1. Goto Policies & Policy Library

  1. Click on the Policy assigned to your Hosts (usually Default)
  2. Click on Edit & goto “Collect Metrics and Properties”
    You might need to expand your screen here to make sure you can see the “Filter” option
  3. Type “Watt” in the Filter and hit
  4. Make sure the “State” column shows “Local” and hit

Import the View into vROPs
  1. Click Dashboards at the top & Views on the left sidebar

  1. Click the gear icon and select Import View

  1. Browse to select the downloaded XML file and click Import
    The imported view overwrites if a view with the same name exists. All report templates that use the existing view are updated with the imported view.

Import the Dashboard into vROPs
  1. Click Dashboards, Actions dropdown, and select Manage Dashboards

  1. Click on the gear icon and select Import Dashboards

  1. Browse to select the downloaded json file for the dashboard you want to import

After data has refreshed into the collection, your Dashboard should similar to this: